Portales New Mexico Hotels

Hotels & Resorts is pleased to welcome Best Western Portales Inn under the Best Western Plus brand. The new hotel will offer 50 rooms for business travelers who want a city center location. Both hotels will open under Best Western Plus Hotels and will be associated with major nationally recognized hotel brands.

Guests have access to a variety of restaurants, including a full-service restaurant and a wide selection of private dining spaces, and do not have the chance to miss some of the most important meals.

Free Wi-Fi is available throughout the hotel so guests can stay connected during their stay, and in the hotel lobby there is a pool table, ideal for traveling companions and new friends on the street. The hotel has well-appointed rooms with all the amenities that business and leisure travelers expect, including charging stations for smartphones, tablets and other mobile devices that keep your devices ready to use.

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More About Portales

More About Portales